2019 Mission Trip Blog

Blue Knob, PA Mission Trip!

Tuesday, June 25th- Second Work Day

Hello everyone! I am writing part one of today’s blog, I am gonna talk about our work day! After having breakfast and loading up the vans we arrived at the work site around 8:30. The goal for today was to finish the living room floor and start on the dining room. Well after some hard work on the floor we were unable to remove a layer of old material that was underneath the carpet. At one point we think it was soft but it was now very hard. After coming up with several ideas and talking with the Team Effort carpenter it was decided that we could leave it down on the boards and put new flooring over it. Matt, Nicole and members of the other church started the floor in the afternoon and will finish it up tomorrow!

While some of us were working inside the house on the floor the rest of the group was outside working on exterior of the house. Jonathon spent a lot of time working on sanding and then painting the trim around the outside window. Mac and Matt, as well as the other church, worked on sanding down the front porch and preparing it to be painted, which we are hoping will happen tomorrow! Eli and Nicole took a short break from the front yard to move to the back and help with some gardening that the homeowner had always wanted down. They dug holes and started to plant some flowers, pictures to come of the garden tomorrow! After working in the garden Eli tackled preparing the front door for painting. Throughout the day we all took turns helping each other with tasks and spent some time with Nikki the dog and the homeowner.

Part Two-

A fair warning we will not have pictures posted tonight experiencing some issues with tech, will have it fixed tomorrow! After we got back from the worksite we spent some time showering and relaxing before dinner. We ate some dinner and hit the road, our destination was dollar tree. Mac really wanted to go, however, when we arrived he realized he forgot his wallet. Luckily, Mathew was willing to spot him this time. We left with lots of cheap snacks and Mac had a balloon with the writing “Best Dad Ever!” We got some dessert at Ritas! We headed back had chapel and then we played games with our work site church partners! We will be heading to bed soon and having a full day of work tomorrow!

Monday, June 24th- First Work Day









Good evening everyone! We had a very long and exciting day! I think we are all going to sleep well tonight! It was an early morning; we were up and ready by 7:15 for breakfast. We packed up our vans and were heading for the work site by 8:15. Since our group is small we were sharing a site with another church from Cincinnati, Ohio. They had four teens and three adults with them.

Since we were the oldest group with Team Effort we were tasked with one of the hardest work sites. We were helping out Ms. Linda whose husband passed away about a year ago, Ms. Linda also lives with her daughter, Cindy, a German Shepard, and several cats. Ms. Linda and her husband were hoarders and have had many issues with the house and medical problems that stopped them from giving their house the attention that it needed. A bad winter led to leaks in the roof, sheet rock falling down, and issues with gas leaks. The gas was shut off but in order to fix the problem the attic had to be cleaned out. The group that was at our site the week before started to clear out the attic. We had to clear out a crawl space in the attic. Mac, Mathew, and Jonathon crawled in and after several trips and meetings with the family we threw out many old items and made room for the gas company to do the much needed work. They will be showing up

in about two weeks.

The front and the back of the house were very overgrown; Nicole and Eli and the other church spent the first four or so hours pulling weeds, trimming overgrown brush and giving the yard some much needed TLC. Around 12 we stopped for lunch, we had packed our own lunch but to show how grateful they were for us being there the homeowners son and daughter in law bought us pizza and cookies! During our lunch we spent time talking with Cindy who moved

back in with her mother about a year ago. Everyone also spent lots of time petting and giving Nikki the German Shepherd love.

After lunch me and Ms. Davies and a chaperone from the other church moved a very heavy mattress and chair out to the dumpster. Then we set up a chain of people carrying out furniture from a room in the house. Then we emptied the living room of everything so we could pull up the carpet. Eli and Nicole and members from the other church helped to pull up the carpet. Mathew and Mac scrapped old paint off the door frame and Jonathon swept the back porch and walk ways. Over the years the carpet had been used as a bathroom by both cats and the dog and had been in the house for over 50 years. Tomorrow we will finish sanding and scraping the paint off and work on finishing removing everything but the boards in the living room. We are putting in lament flooring tomorrow, hopefully! In the first day we filled up an entire dumpster!









After our work day we came back to camp and showered before we went to a local church for dinner. They wanted to show us how thankful Altoona is for having us helping out in their community. We had fried chicken, baked beans, pasta salad, coleslaw, and homemade BBQ sauce. We left with full bellies and went to Walmart where Ms. Davies got us matching long socks! We went to chapel service and had some group reflection time. To end the day we played Uno and Apples to Apples. See you all tomorrow!









-Ryan Murphy

Sunday, June 23rd- Travel Day









Hello all! It has been quite the long day! It felt like that we were in the car all day!  Welcome to our Mission trip blog! I am going to do my best to keep everyone up to date about our adventure in Blue Knob, Pennsylvania. We piled in the van and pulled out of the church parking lot by 8:20 am! We have a smaller group this year, five students and two chaperones! It was a pretty quiet ride at first, I am pretty sure everyone besides me and Mrs. Davies were asleep in the van. After two hours we made a stop at a Dunkin for a bathroom break. In a very busy Dunkin we may of heard our catchphrase for the week when a women started yelling for her “CHOCOLATE DRIZZLE!”

After another two hours we took a lunch break at a small diner in Bloomsburg, PA. As we were preparing for the last two hours of the trip we pulled over to check to make our GPS was set for the right direction, and somehow managed to end up on a gravel road between some farm fields! After a quick U-turn we got on some real pavement and headed on. We made another stop in College Town, home of Penn State, to kill some time before our 5 o’clock check in. We all got some handmade rolled ice cream and walked around the town for a little bit stretching our legs out!

We arrived around 5 o’clock to our new homes for the week, we are staying in Penn State dorms, it is pretty nice living for the week. After we unpacked and set up our rooms we headed to Walmart to pick up some of the supplies that we all forgot! We will be heading back tomorrow as we realized more of us forget towels, I’ll be honest it was me I forgot a towel. After Walmart we stopped by Subway for dinner and then headed back to camp where we were introduced to all of our camp stuff had a small church service. The group decided it was quite different from our services at NMCC but we are willing to stick in there for the week.

I will update everyone tomorrow after we get back from our work site, we are told we will be helping an elderly women who recently lost her husband. She is a hoarder so we will be cleaning and throwing things out and doing some much needed maintenance around the house! We have to be up at 7 so goodnight! We are all very excited for tomorrow!








-Ryan Murphy