Lenten Creation Care Calendar

March 1-7: food, partnering with God  –  Lenten Creation Care Calendar-Week 1

March 8-14: land/soil – Lenten-Environmental-Calendar-Week 2        

March 15-21: forests/trees – Lenten-Environmental-Calendar-Week 3

March 22-28: Water – Lenten-Environmental-Calendar-Week 4

March 29-April 4: Dark Skies and Energy – Lenten-Environmental-Calendar-Week 5

April 5-12: Holy Week – Lenten-Environmental-Calendar-Week 6

CHALLENGES – Lenten-Environmental-Calendar-Challenges

  • Investigate and invest in renewable energy technologies to become less independent on the power grid. This is good for the environment, the economy and energy security.
  • Commit to planning or joining a Sacred Activism event to protect the people and planet you love from climate change. Go to FaithClimateActionWeek.org to download the Sacred Activism Guide or find an already planned activity. There is also a National Climate prayer to read on Earth Day (April 22) at noon.
  • Take the St. Clare Pledge and join the Franciscans in using your voice in active prayer by committing to contact Congress for five minutes every week. franciscanaction.org
  • Give up plastic for Lent! All forms! You don’t have to be perfect, but see how little you can use.
  • Become a zero-waste household for Lent! trashisfortossers.com or www.zerowastehome.com.
  • Become a locavore. Eat nothing that wasn’t grown within 100 miles of your home for a year.
  • Commit to spending an intentional 15 minutes outside EVERY day to appreciate the wonders of creation. Make it an active prayer moment as you walk or pick up trash or weed out invasives, etc.