Children’s Christmas Pageant – December 15 at 10am:  The Children’s Christmas Pageant is incorporated into the Sunday morning service, re-enacting the story of Jesus’ birth with narration, carols and handbells.



Longest Night  – December 21 at 5:00pm:  The Longest Night Service is held at the time of the Winter Solstice and recognizes that, in what is generally considered a joyous time of the year, many people experience sadness, melancholy and depression.  It may be due to the cold and loneliness of winter, the memories of a lost loved one, the reflection on life’s challenges or the concern over a friend or family member.  This service provides a safe place to express and attend to that sadness through meditation, readings, music in a quiet candle lit atmosphere at the front of the sanctuary.  The service ends with the offering for anyone to come to light a candle and express out loud or in silence the dedication.

Family Christmas Eve, 4:00 pm:  This family-friendly service has a focus on Gospel readings about Jesus’ birth, and many traditional Christmas Carols.




Candlelight Service – Christmas Eve, 10:00 pm:  This evening service includes readings, Christmas hymns, a sermon message, and concludes with the lighting of candles.

These truly are wonderful worship events that will nurture your soul.