Special Services

North Madison Congregational Church has a tradition of creating special worship services during Advent, Lent and other times of the year with unique themes, special music, visual arts and active participation by the congregation.


During Advent each Sunday a church family lights candles in the Advent wreath. One Sunday our children lead us in worship with the Christmas Pageant the celebrates birth of Jesus with special music, storytelling and costumes. Next, we provide sanctuary for people who wish to grieve and be comforted through scripture, the lighting of candles and reflective music with the Longest Night service. During Christmas Eve Family Service, families participate together in an early service in which they bring forward each of the participants in who gathered to celebrate the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Later, we celebrate Christmas Eve with special music, scripture and sharing the light of Jesus.


Lent is another special time where we typically weave a theme throughout the season, such as Healing in which we explored the many tools that help us heal, both physical as well as spiritual. We begin Lent with receiving ashes on Ash Wednesday. On Palm Sunday, in addition the march of the Palms, the choir leads us in worship with special music. On Maundy Thursday we remember the Last Supper with a community pot luck supper, followed by Communion. The next night we remember Jesus and the cross with our somber Tenebrae service with music and scripture. Following that we begin our Vigil, designed for solitary meditation in the sanctuary throughout the weekend until Easter dawn. The Easter sunrise service takes place at NMCC’s cemetery nearby with music and scripture. Finally, Easter Sunday worship celebrations the resurrection of Jesus with glorious music and worship.

Themed Services

From time to time we add other Themed Services such as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration, Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving, and Baptism Renewal.