Through the sacrament of Christian baptism, we are affirmed as children of God and welcomed into the community and care of North Madison Congregational Church. It symbolizes the cleansing forgiveness that is ours through Jesus and reminds us that God’s love is a gift, freely offered to all who will receive it.

At North Madison Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, we baptize with water from the baptismal font.  As we understand baptism to be a sacrament, we believe it is always shared in the context of the worshipping community. When we baptize a child, the parents are asked to promise to bring their child up in the Christian tradition. We believe that in order to keep that promise, the child’s parents must be a part of our worshipping community.  Consequently, we usually do not baptize a child who does not have one of its parents as a member of a Christian church.

Should a request be received for the Baptism of a child whose parents are not members of our worshipping community, this request must be reviewed and approved by the Board of Deacons before the sacrament is offered.

We also offer baptism to adults, emphasizing that faith also requires a commitment on the part of those who choose to be followers of Christ. As with children, we request the adult to be part of our worshipping community.

Baptism is offered throughout the year, scheduled at the convenience of the individual and family. To discuss baptism with our minister, please call the church at 203-421-3241.