We are located in North Madison at 1271 Durham Road (also Route 79) on the left approximately 6 miles north of Route 1 in Madison, CT, just south of the rotary or “circle” at the intersection of Routes 79 and 80. From Durham, we  are 8.7 miles south on Route 79, right after the “circle” on the right and 4 miles west of the Killingworth Circle (located at intersection of Routes 80 and 81).

Parking is located to the right of the church (north side) and is accessed by entering the driveway to the left of the church and then bearing right in front of the church to the lower parking lot.  There is an additional parking lot up the hill behind the church, which is accessible through the first parking lot, as well as directly from Opening Hill Road on the south side of the church.  There is also handicap parking near the front door of the church and 3 entrances that are accessible, one on the main floor and 2 from the lower parking lot.

There are several ways to enter the church:

  • 2 doors at the front of the church are the main entrance during the warmer months, accessed by climbing stairs.
  • 1 side door to the left of the church – main entrance during the colder or rainier weather to conserve heat.  This door is next to the handicap parking, but involves stairs that go both up to the sanctuary and down to the lower level.
  • 1 side door on the left side of the church toward the back of the church which has a ramp for handicap access.  From here you can enter by the first door on the right into the sanctuary or proceed to fellowship hall straight ahead.
  • Fellowship Hall – to the right of the main part of the church there is a door that faces the front of the church, up some stairs.  If we need additional seating for our service, chairs will be set up there.
  • Lower level – on the right side, at the first parking lot level, there is a door that takes you to the Sunday school classrooms, as well as a set of stairs that takes you up to the back side of Fellowship Hall.