Announcements Survey

PDF to print:  Announcements Survey 7-16-17

Announcements Survey

We are looking at how, and how often, we communicate the many opportunities to be involved in the NMCC community. We are also looking at the length and content of the bulletin to see if we can save paper and printing costs, as well as the time it takes to keep these up to date. Below are the many ways you can learn about what’s going on. Let us know which methods you use – check all that apply – comments are welcome and encouraged:

______ Sunday Bulletin
______ Sunday Announcements
______ Sunday slides in Fellowship Hall
______ Weekly Friday all-church emails
______ Monthly Newsletter (includes letter from the Pastor)
______ Web site:
______ Bulletin board/sign-up sheets
______ Social Media: @NoMadUCC – which ones?

Of the above, which are the top 3 you use regularly?
1. ___________________________
2. ___________________________
3. ___________________________

How would you characterize your participation in the NMCC community?
Sunday Worship – I attend:

_____ Most Sundays   _____ 1-2 times a month   ____ occasionally

If you would like to be contacted to share your ideas, please provide your name and best way to contact you.


Contact: _______________________________________________________________