Events in the church building are cancelled for now.  The church is not the building, however! It is us, the people, and we are still here and going strong!   We are creating new ways to be in community with one another, live streaming our worship services, holding Zoom gatherings, and supporting vulnerable neighbors in new ways; so stay tuned as the days unfold and new ministries are born. If you have ideas or become aware of needs, please be in touch! Our pastor, church ministry staff, boards, and committees continue to meet (virtually) and are working hard to keep us connected.

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Sunday’s Live Streamed Worship Service/Fellowship

Our worship service is live streamed on Facebook at 10:oo a.m. on Sunday, or see your all church email for the Zoom link  Join us after worship for fellowship with your NMCC friends.  A link will be sent to you, and you can join if you’d wish.

If you have problems logging in please contact:  Sandy Dickson 203-376-7075. Orlene Gallops 860-339-5844, or Carol Luckenbach 203-530-9903

Goodness Grows Garden Walks Fundraiser

Saturday, June 12, 2021 – An NMCC Spring Fundraiser
As the days are getting warmer, things are heating up for the NMCC Goodness Grows Garden Walks and Plant Sale. It’s time to volunteer, dig, divide and plant.
  • If you have plants you can divide to donate or extra seedlings please let Sue Kenney know. 203-530-1153 (text )
  • If you can volunteer as a garden guide or sitter please contact Orlene Gallops – 860-712-1980 (text or call)
Any questions call or text: Kate Summerlin 203 314-4733

Off-To College Baskets for St. Martin de Porres Academy

As announced in the April Newsletter SMPA High School Seniors are graduating and heading to college. SMPA supports their students from middle school to college graduation.  We invite you to help us celebrate their success by helping gather items that will make their transition to college just a little easier with items for their own “Off-to-College Baskets.”
We have created a shopping list of items that can be viewed in the newsletter or on this page plus registered them online with Walmart at this link
We also provided sweatshirt or T-shirt quantities and sizes so we can provide each student with a sweatshirt of the college they will attend.  Please notify Karen before you purchase a college Sweatshirt or T-shirt, 203-245-3067 or, so we can avoid duplicates.
So you’re ready to be part of the celebration?
  • Follow the Walmart link and order items online and ship them directly to SMPA, 208 Columbus Avenue, New Haven, CT 06519
  • Shop and drop off – notify Karen of what you’ve purchased so the item can be removed from the registry and drop them off at her home – details are on the web site.
  • Donate with a check to NMCC, make a donation through the NMCC Website or Text a Donation (indicating SMPA College Basket) and we’ll shop for you!
Karen Miller, SMPA Champion

The Quest for Peace Continues

Please start collecting items for donations to Nicaragua, Paraguay and Appalachia. A shipment will be sent in May. Items needed are warm and cold weather clothing, shoes, plastic dish ware and pots and pans, medical supplies, such as walkers, crutches, dressings, bandages etc., school supplies, musical instruments, sports equipment, sewing items, such as material, thread etc. and linens.
Please place items in bags or boxes and label the content. Place warm and cold weather clothing in separate containers and label them WARM or COLD.
Donations can be dropped off at Karen Miller’s home -7 Godman Road, Madison. Please drop off item for donation on the following dates: 4/7 (11am – 8pm), 4/9 (10am – 8pm), 4/12 (10am – 8pm), 4/18 (11am – 8pm), 4/20 (10am – 8pm), 4/22 (10am – 8pm), 4/26 (10am – 8pm), 5/2 (11am – 5pm).
If you need items picked up or have questions, please call or email Karen at 203-915-2989 or
Thank you for your generous donations!

NMCC Virtual Community Yoga

Our next 5-week Yoga series begins on Monday, March 15 at 6:00 pm and the Thursday series begins on March 18, also at 6:00 pm. Why not join – especially on those cold evenings when you need exercise but it’s too cold to go out?  Cost for each series is $35 and the classes. We recommend you have previous experience taking Yoga classes. To sign up, please contact Roberta Hanlon or text 203-500-8311.

Book Discussion Group

The Book Discussion Group will be reading “Overstory” by Richard Powers…it won a 2019 Pulitzer Prize for fiction and comes highly recommended by the NMCC people currently reading it. We will join together to discuss this book at the Mercy Center’s gazebo on Wednesday, May 19, at 4:30 p.m. (NOTE DATE CHANGE).
Richard Powers neatly brings his characters together around a central point – in his case, a giant redwood tree, with Powers writing eloquently about the interdependence of trees, how they help each other to spread and grow, and even warn each other about dangers using “aerosol signals”, one tree easing the way for others. And because the lives of his human characters take up just a few rings on that great tree’s trunk, we also come to a deeper understanding of time.

NMCC’s Treasurer

After serving as NMCC’s Treasurer since July 2020, Ryan McMillian has to unfortunately step-down given other work and family obligations. Ryan has committed to remain in the role through June 2021. On behalf of the congregation, the Board of Finance thanks Ryan for his service and looks forward to his family’s continued commitment and involvement with NMCC.
For the continued financial planning of our church, filling the role of Treasurer is vital. Has God gifted you in the area of finance or accounting? Are you looking for a new way to serve NMCC? As an officer of the church, the Treasurer must be a member in good standing and have an understanding of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Your time and talents will be needed at least 2 hours per week to review timesheets, sign paychecks and checks, review A/R for coding and proper documentation, and read and address the Treasurer’s email. An additional 2-4 hours per month would be invested in reviewing bank reconciliation reports and the general ledger (including income and expenses) and preparing monthly reports and meetings with the Board of Finance and the Executive Committee. At year end, the Treasurer prepares annual financial reports and works with the Board of Finance in developing annual budgets with each of the Teams/Committees and Boards, and with the Audit Committee in carrying out an annual audit. If you are interested or would like to learn more, please contact John Gallops, Chair of the Board of finance,

New Email Address for Pastor Heather

Pastor Heather has a new email address. Please replace her previous email with Thank you!

Text Your NMCC Donations

Did you know you can text NMCC your donations for your pledge, grocery cards, missions, etc. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be connected to our Vanco system.


Step 1: Text “Donation” to 833-948-2188 (this is for NMCC only)

Step 2: You will receive a text link to follow

Step 3: Complete credit card and donation amount information

Step 4: Submit

Receipt will be texted to you. Done

Looking for NMCC Photos

We’ve begun the exciting journey of updating and reformatting our webpage and social media platforms. This means we need photos that reflect our NMCC community and property. If you have high quality NMCC photos taken in the past year or so, we would love to see them as we select the images for our new platform. Please email or text them (with highest available resolution) to or 203-500-8311.

Ongoing Ways to Stay Connected

Please let us know if you need help connecting with virtual ministries—we can walk you through logging onto Zoom, Facebook, etc.— we want you to be able to participate! Please contact the office and we’ll have a deacon call you to help.
Wednesday Evening Vespers Prayer:  Join us Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. on Facebook. If you don’t have Facebook you can view them later on our Church Website.
Thursday Bible Study: Join Pastor Heather Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. No previous scripture knowledge is required. Scripture and link to Zoom Meeting will be sent in Friday’s all church email.
Sunday Virtual Worship: Live streamed at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays on Zoom and Facebook. Zoom Link sent in Friday all church email.  Virtual fellowship time is held immediately following the service for those who wish to participate. The service is posted afterwards on Facebook, YouTube and our Church Website.
If you have problems logging into worship, please contact:  Sandy Dickson 203-376-7075 — Orlene Gallops 860-339-5844 – Carol Luckenbach 203-530-9903 for tech support.

In Our Prayers

Please contact Linda Young to be added to our prayer chain at In addition to the prayer chain, you can add a prayer to our ongoing prayer list. If you would like to add or update a prayer, please contact the church office at If you would like Heather to pray with you, you can call or text her at 203-687-9172.

Thank you for your Support in these Strange Times

Especially now, it’s so important to support our church’s financial health. Please keep your giving up to date, and purchase grocery cards which support our church, at no extra cost to you. Click here to give online, or mail your check to the church office.  Click Here to see more ways to give and other options to send your contribution.