Musings from Linda


Palm Sunday!  ….. Then Easter Sunday! ….. What comes NEXT???  In the 1970’s, that question was often celebrated with a song (click on the link to listen) which began:

“ Every morning is Easter morning from now on
Every morning is Easter morn, the past is over and gone….
Good-bye guilt, good-bye fear — good riddance!
Hello Lord, hello sun!
I am one of the Easter people….. my new life has begun!

Daily news is so bad it seems that good news never gets heard …
Got it straight from the Easter people — God’s in charge! Spread the word!

Yesterday I was bored and lonely,  but today — look and see!
I belong to the Easter people — life’s exciting to me!! “

The Rev. Richard Avery and Minister of Music Donald Marsh proclaimed this post- Easter message not only to the Port Jervis, New York Presbyterian Church which they served together for 40 years, but to the world!  During that time, they collaborated to create over 150 hymns, songs and anthems, such as the one above, and they presented programs in music and worship in almost every state and across Europe as well.

LEFT:  The Rev. Richard Avery (1934 – 2020)   RIGHT:  Donald Marsh (1923 – 2010)

THEIR GOAL??? – to write texts of faith in today’s language which are FUN TO SING!!
Kids in church school have been enjoying their well-known song, “ I am the church,  YOU are the church,  WE are the church — together “ (together with hand motions!) for almost 50 years now.
“ Every Morning is Easter Morning “ expresses our Easter faith with such upbeat JOY!

CHRIST IS RISEN!!!!!!!  On Easter Day — AND the day after… and the day after that….
And EVERY SINGLE DAY to follow!!

HE IS RISEN  – in the morning  — at noon  — all during the night ….
HE IS RISEN – when we acknowledge  it  — and when we are thinking of anything BUT….
HE IS RISEN –  when it is Springtime … but also in Winter!   Fall!   Summer!
HE IS RISEN – ALWAYS offering each of us the possibility of amazing transformation –
Not for an hour,  Not for a day —  but for EVER.

 Yes, indeed — He  IS  Risen!!                       THANK YOU, GOD!!