NMCC is blessed with a vibrant music program!  We believe that God speaks powerfully through music — both to the musician and to those who listen.  Music is HUGE part of every worship service at NMCC.  The choir is celebrated for its dedication and passion for making beautiful music and has made 3 CDs!  Linda Juliani, our Minister of Music, brings her love of music to life on both our grand piano and Moller pipe organ.  Bill Clemmons, our choir director, inspires the choir during our spirited rehearsals!  Many of our choir members are known to pick up a percussion instrument and Ann Clemmons is a master at recruiting NMCC musicians (and an occasional guest) to join in making beautiful music with the choir.

Ann Clemmons

Linda Juliani and Bill Clemmons









Our music story would not be complete without mention of the Fire in the Kitchen Concerts series and the Skunk Misery Ramblers where you can try out different music or join a workshop and learn new skills with the musicians who perform in the series.  Led by Charlie Shafer, this is an NMCC community outreach program designed to build community and introduce families and fans to a wide range of music.   We want you to be inspired to pick up that instrument you quit all those years ago.   We want high school kids to hear the creativity that is bursting at the seams in places near them, but not quite in their school.  Maybe you’ll try different music.   Or come enjoy the concert, hang out, eat some ice cream, meet the band, meet new people, make friends, join the Skunks, play with the choir, change your life.