Library Catalog Tutorial

This is a public catalog.    This link  takes you to the “Your Books” tab at the top of the page, which is set to take you the list of the items currently catalogued in the NMCC library. There are currently 865 titles there. If you go to tags, you’ll get a breakdown of the media. The 707 items that are currently untagged are books.

Once you’ve gotten into “Your Books,” you can click on a title, and then click on “Edit book.” You can then see its publishing info such as its size, publisher, Dewey no., etc., there.

Regarding the reviews: LibraryThing is an international database, so anyone can review books we might own. Likewise, NMCC parishioners can review books other institutions might own and those reviews will show up on those institutions’ book pages.   So in addition to the reviews we will post on the NMCC web page and in the library, you can browse through the LibraryThing review for other viewpoints.