Prison and Re-Entry Ministry

“I was released and you welcomed me.”

Prison and Re-entry Ministry

Albert Einstein said, “in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” No doubt COVID 19 is an extreme challenge but it has ushered in significant opportunities for NMCC to further our passions and partnerships in the area of social justice.

During this pandemic we have been  called to  broaden our conversation on racial inequalities particularly with a focus  on  the very vulnerable prison population that suffers from crowded and unsafe conditions.  

An opportunity by way of an  invitation from the First Congregational Church of Guilford helps us expand our commitment to making a difference. We have been asked  to participate in Guilford’s Prison and Re-entry Ministry. This hands-on BACKPACK AND DUFFLE BAG PROGRAM is designed to assist people who have been incarcerated as they are released and integrated back into the community.

Our goal to provide 10 filled backpacks/duffle bags has been met through the generosity of the NMCC community! Each filled bag will be delivered with a handwritten note from NMCC to the Project Fresh Start program in New Haven to men and women as they re-enter society. 

A big thank you to Sue Kenney and Vera Levis for coordinating donations, purchasing materials and filling the bags.  Thanks also goes out to all  of you who contributed so generously to make this on-going ministry a tangible commitment to ensuring that all of God’s people are seen and cared for.