Worship Ministry

There are so many ways to serve our church worship and be part of the collective spiritual journeys of our members and friends.

Audio Visual – Not able to worship with us each Sunday but want to stay connected?    Did you know we record Sunday worship for broadcast on the local Madison cable channel each week?   How does that happen?  Join our dedicated AV team each Sunday morning to make sure our members don’t miss a Sunday.    We also post the sermon portion on the NMCC web site.  Be part of this important behind-the-scenes ministry.

Children’s Church – Our children’s faith journey begins with us, whether at home or during worship with members of the church willing to invest in them and their future.    If you have those special gifts and are willing to share them for a 5-week rotation, your impact will make a huge difference to our kids and to our church.     Children’s church begins after the Children’s Message is delivered during the adult worship service.

Children’s Message – Do you like to teach but prefer to worship with the adults on Sunday?   We’d love to have you share a story or message with our children during worship, before they head out children’s church.    And the adults like the messages, too!

Choir – Choir members know that the gift of song is simply another form of prayer and the rewards far exceed the time invested in making beautiful music together.   We welcome new members at any time – no try-outs necessary.  Learn more

Cleaning the Sanctuary – Need some meditative time to be alone with God but can’t sit still?  Enjoy the peace and quiet of the sanctuary while making a much-needed contribution by cleaning the sanctuary.   Or share the time with a friend or spouse – some of our members have discovered it is a wonderful way to bond and share the love of God.

Deacons – The NMCC deacons focus on the spiritual life of the church.  As a member of our Deaconate, there are a wide range of skills and interests that you can share with our community that will enhance your spiritual journey by serving.   Most visible is ensuring there is a welcoming environment for members, friends and guests to worship.  This involves planning with the pastor, preparing the sanctuary for worship, preparing and serving communion, Deacon Welcome, leading the Call to Worship, sharing Joys and Concerns and ensuring ushers, readers and Junior Deacons are scheduled and prepared to serve.   Outside of worship, the deacons lead several programs: Caring Ministries (Outreach, Prayer Circle, Knitting Ministry, and Caring Cooks), Adult Enrichment, New Members, annual membership rolls, and the Deacons’ Discretionary Fund.  Finally, deacons work closely with Hospitality, the Worship Team, and the pastor for weekly, special, and memorial services.

Junior Deacons – Confirmed NMCC high school sophomore, junior and senior youth are invited by the Deacons to participate in worship both on Sundays and other special services.    As a Junior Deacon they will light and extinguish the candles for worship and may lead the Call to Worship, serve communion and help provide other help as needed by the deacons for worship.

Fellowship Hour Sponsor – Have you lingered over a good conversation, inspired by a piece of home-made zucchini bread with a cup of fresh coffee, snacked on some hummus or cheese and crackers or enjoyed the simplicity of mouth-watering grapes, strawberries or water melon?   Join the many members who make Fellowship hour a special gathering by signing up to bring the food we all enjoy each Sunday.   Hospitality will gladly set it up – all you need to do is bring it in!

Flowers Sponsor – There’s nothing like fresh flowers for our Sunday worship to remind of our stewardship of nature.   Can you help us make sure we have this reminder each Sunday? The church office will order the arrangement for you or you may choose to bring some purchased flowers, maybe mixed with greenery and other flowers from your garden.   We’ll include a sentiment for the bulletin.  Sign up on the deacon easel in Fellowship Hall.

Musical Talents – Do you play an instrument?  Or love to sing but can’t fit the choir into your schedule?  There are several opportunities throughout the year to accompany the choir when special instruments are needed or volunteer to play or sing a solo or group performance, especially during summer worship when the choir is taking a break.

Quiet Ministry – Are you looking for an opportunity to have some quiet time with God?  Members of this ministry ensure supplies in the sanctuary are tidy, provisioned, clean and ready for worship.

Readers – Do you like being part of worship in a leadership role strengthens your focus and faith?   As a reader you’ll have the opportunity to not only read a scripture but introduce it to others who appreciate hearing background to set the stage for the reading.

Ushers – Whether you are a visitor or a member, isn’t great to be greeted warmly when you enter the sanctuary to start off your morning of worship?  Consider being part of a team that creates the welcome and assists the deacons ensure worship runs smoothly each week.

Worship Team – The pastor can prepare worship on his own, but loves to brainstorm with folks who have interesting ideas about worship and would love to be part of a team who likes to build on themes, add visual enhancements and create opportunities for interaction during weekly worship.    Traditionally this team has been involved in the Advent and Lenten seasons but is now committed to a year-round conversation with the Pastor.