Caring Ministries

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.  Galatians 6:2

Caring Ministries is under the auspices of the Deacons.  A Deacon is assigned on a yearly basis to serve as the leader and head coordinator of Caring Ministries.   This ministry includes four initiatives:

  • Called to Care (visitation, phone outreach, personally connecting),
  • Caring Cooks
  • Knitting Ministry
  • Prayer Ministry (Prayer Chain, Prayer List and Card Ministry)

We are seeking individuals willing to joyfully serve the needs and answer prayers of those in our congregation.    We welcome whatever level of volunteer time you are able to offer.   There is no committee term nor meeting participation and no minimum time commitment.   Just say “yes” when you can and “not now” when you are not able.

How do you get involved? To learn more contact the ministry leader noted below or if you are ready to serve you may sign up on the bulletin board.

Called to Care:  Is personal connection your special gift?   Consider joining this ministry that works closely with the Pastor and the Deacons to ensure coverage for phone outreach, personal visits and recommending services of Caring Cooks, a prayer shawl, special prayers or other services for the person or family in need that can be provided by the congregation.   Peter Haff, Coordinator 203-645-7582

Caring Cooks:  Having a home-cooked meal dropped off at the home of a family or individual dealing with medical, loss or other family stress is most welcome.   If you like to cook, this might be your opportunity to provide that meal.  Carol Ann Bachhuber, Coordinator 203-747-4840.

Knitting Ministry:   Do you like to knit or crochet or wish you did?   This ministry lovingly makes prayer shawls while saying prayers for the future recipient.   When completed, the shawls are blessed during worship and then chosen for each recipient and accompanied by a special card.   If you don’t know how to knit, then join in one of the knitting sessions and learn how.   Heather Crawford, Coordinator 475-414-1599.

Prayer Ministry:  Is personal prayer for those in need a way for you to feel closer to God?  You will be contacted via email by the team leader to respond through prayer to urgent requests for prayer.  This team also maintains our prayer lists and sends out greeting cards to fit the need – Linda Young, Coordinator 203-457-0723

What do I do if I am in need or know someone else in need?  Caring ministries provides TLC in times of crisis for families or individuals in several different ways. If you or someone you know is in need of any of these ministries, contact the church office or Pastor at 203-421-3241.