COVID Mask Making Ministry

Please email Jackie at, if you are planning to sew.  Thank you for sharing your love with for our first responders and vulnerable population by making masks!

If you/your organization need masks, please reach out to Robin Chasse:

Completed masks should be left in the bin by the Circle Nursery entrance, in Ziploc gallon bags. If child-sized, please bag separately and label Ziploc bag accordingly.  Please email Jackie in the church office to let her know how many completed masks you have left in the bin,, so that we can get them delivered timely.

To become a mask-maker, you will need fabric and supplies. Check with local fabric centers for current sales on supplies.

There are many mask patterns available online, but here is one pattern tutorial:

Please note that face masks with pocket for filter are preferable but not required. A variety of items may be used as a “filter”, for further protection (e.g. cotton shirts, coffee filters).  If you have questions as you begin to sew, you may reach Kate Summerlin at

Ideas for sourcing elastic & elastic substitutions include:

  • Elastic from seam of a fitted sheet. If elastic is wider than ¼”, cut down with pinking shears to avoid unraveling; it will unravel with a straight shear
  • Thin elastic removed from paper party hats
  • Thin sport, flat, headbands; cut in 6” lengths
  • ¼” ribbon, seam binding or fabric ties (adjustable for head size)
  • Make T-Shirt “yarn” for ties –
  • Take apart bungy cords and they are filled with many elastic bands