Adult Enrichment

We encourage our members and friends to use their gifts and interests to develop both spiritual and non-spiritual events, offering our congregation learning and fellowship opportunities.   In addition to Bible studies, special Advent and Lenten series, speakers from the local Missions we support and pot luck suppers featuring generosity moments and stories, we have also enjoyed an eagle watch, a wildflower hike, discussions on monarch butterflies and pollinators, a discussion exploring “Ways to Pray”, an ongoing program offering weekly Yoga and a book club.

Check out the upcoming opportunities:

Our Yoga Series is in its fourth year is held Mondays at 6:30 pm and Thursdays at 6:15 pm throughout the year.  We all could use a little time to center ourselves, relax, and do something beneficial for our body and our spirit.

Bible Study- The Gospel According to Luke: Bible Study will resume on Tuesdays from April 23rd to May 30th at 7pm in NMCC library. Ken Nichols and the study group will continue to study the Gospel according to Luke. They will go verse by verse. No one session is a prerequisite for any specific session. Thus you are welcome to join in any time.
We will use a minimum of one translation and one paraphrase. If you have a study Bible, please bring that too. In a good Bible study, we will learn about the Bible AND ourselves.

Spring Birding Hike, Rettich Preserve

Photos from Spring Birding Hike, Rettich Preserve in Madison on May 18, 2019 with nationally recognized wildlife artist and birder Mike DiGiorgio. We not only spotted these birds on the hike, but discovered a nest of the Baltimore Oriole being built.