Columbus House

While Columbus House remains closed, staff support of clients continues at New Haven hotels and they have helped 127 clients, including 25 veterans, find their own apartments.    For those 170 clients temporarily housed in New Haven hotels since March 15, Columbus House staff continues to ensure clients receive all the services they provided previously, 24-hours, on-site at the hotels.  The Respite program, in partnership with Yale New Haven Hospital continues at the Columbus House building for clients recovering from hospitalization.   Columbus House staff is currently working on the re-entry plan for both staff and clients when it is safe to do so, though many things will be different, including the how volunteers will be involved in preparing and serving food onsite in the near term.

In the meantime, what can we do to make a difference if we can’t directly engage with clients onsite?   The hotel has a screen where videos are shown, clients are mostly 2 to a room and clients have phones, etc.   While I work out the details with Sheree, Volunteer Coordinator, let’s put our creativity to work.   Our volunteers mean a lot to the Columbus House clients, so we’d like to offer upbeat messages by sending:

  • Letters, cards
  • Artwork – something they can hang in the room
  • Video – especially those of us who have volunteered at Columbus House – keep them short so you can send them easily to me.    Sheree also mentioned Veteran-specific messages are especially welcome.

If you have something to share, let me know: or 203-500-8311 and I’ll get it our Columbus House volunteer coordinator.  Please do not include any personal contact information, though a note with your first name is welcome.

Financial donations are always welcome.   You can either donate on the NMCC web site or directly online with Columbus House – in either case, we ask you indicate the donation is for “NMCC – Food Services” (on the Columbus House web site) or “Columbus House – Food Services” (on the NMCC web site) so we can track our donations and support the meals they provide.


Great News!  Columbus House has found a new CEO – Margaret Moore.   She is well known in New Haven and Connecticut and formerly served on the Columbus House Board.

Thank you for your support!  Columbus House Champion