MLK Celebration

The Future of Racial Justice: Celebrate the Life and Teachings of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Please join us on Sunday, January 20 to observe the life and teachings of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King during our worship service at 10:00 am, followed by a brunch with guest speaker, Maurice Tiner.   Maurice, a graduate student at the Yale Divinity School, will speak on “The Future of Racial Justice.”

Dr. King would have turned 90 on January 15, 2019. He was assassinated 50 years ago. Dr. King spent his life working for justice, unity, peace and preserving rights for all people. We should remember those lessons, share them and see how we can move forward with that vision.

“Dr. King was a tireless advocate for peace, justice, unity and preserving rights for all people,” said Nora Price, one of the event’s organizers.  “He dedicated his life to make the lives of others better.  We should remember and share those lessons – which are reflect our own mission – and examine how we can move forward with that vision.”

Rev. Matt McCaffrey, Interim Minister at North Madison Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, added, “It is truly amazing what Dr. King was able to accomplish in his lifetime, which was during a very turbulent time in our history. As a civil rights leader, he won the Nobel Peace Prize and was a Time magazine Man of the Year. He organized many peaceful marches and protests and was a dynamic speaker, as we all remember from the ‘I Have A Dream’ speech he made during the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. He used that speech to eloquently call for civil and economic rights, as well as racial harmony, for all Americans. Dr. King’s life and accomplishments are worth remembering and can inspire each one of us to rise above the injustices we see each day and reach out to help others in need.”

To make your reservations for brunch at 11:30 (strongly recommended), please contact our office at, 203-421-3241.