Fire in the Kitchen

John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band

 We miss you all and can’t wait to see you when we’re able!



The Fire in the Kitchen Concert series is an outreach program designed to build community and introduce families and fans to a wide range of music. We want you to be inspired to pick up that instrument you quit all those years ago. We want high school kids to hear the creativity that is bursting at the seams in places near them, but not quite in their school. Maybe you’ll try different music. Or come enjoy the concert, hang out, eat some ice cream, meet the band, meet new people, make friends, change your life. Or the Skunk Misery Ramblers may be for you: try out different music or join a workshop and learn new skills with the musicians who perform in the series when they are in town.

The Concerts:  Regulars to the concerts have seen the likes of Mr. Sun, Crooked Still, Solas, Grada, John Jorgenson, Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, and many more world-famous roots music performers who win Grammies, Downbeat polls, play at venues like the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, Sydney Opera House in a space that keeps performers all of 9 feet from the front row.

Concert Schedule Here!


We always make room for last minute walk-ins. The furthest you can possibly sit from the “stage” is all of 50 feet. It’s the most intimate venue in the state.  To reserve the best seats or for more  information on any shows, the workshops or the fiddle club, please email us at or call 203-668-3735. Please use this number to call, as sometimes the church staffing is unavailable. This number is the director’s cellphone which will be answered, or at least messages returned promptly!

The Workshops

The workshops have been hosted by some pretty amazing talent, also, with the likes of Hanneke Cassel, Brittany Haas, Vishten, Jay Ungar, Claire Lynch, and Bearfoot all teaching us some of the real tricks of their techniques that made them the world-travelers they are today.  The workshops typically take place the day of or the morning after the concert.

 Skunk Misery Ramblers fiddle club

The Skunk Misery Ramblers is our own fiddle club, meeting every other Sunday late afternoon, and it’s a low-key affair, especially suited to those wanting to learn tunes and to play in a group. It’s open to all ages and abilities, but we do sort of “aim-for-the-middle” so beginners are encouraged to try to catch on. We’ll provide a little instruction in the art of learning songs by ear, but it’s more for fun.