Book Discussion Group

The Book Discussion Group will be reading “Overstory” by Richard Powers…it won a 2019 Pulitzer Prize for fiction and comes highly recommended by the NMCC people currently reading it. We will join together to discuss this book at the Mercy Center’s gazebo on Wednesday, May 19, at 4:30 p.m.  Please contact Melissa Blundon with any questions,, 203-996-0671.
Richard Powers neatly brings his characters together around a central point – in his case, a giant redwood tree, with Powers writing eloquently about the interdependence of trees, how they help each other to spread and grow, and even warn each other about dangers using “aerosol signals”, one tree easing the way for others. And because the lives of his human characters take up just a few rings on that great tree’s trunk, we also come to a deeper understanding of time.