Friday Night- Last one here : (

Our last day working at H.O.M.E ended with the same energy as the day that we arrived. Most of the projects were a continuation from the previous day. A new project that was started on Thursday was at the founder’s house, Sister Lucy. It was to repair some parts of a deck and then rebuild an outhouse. Unfortunately due to time constraints the groups working there had to leave the project for the next set of volunteers to finish. The benefit of working on this project lied in the fact that the house was on a lake, so after working the groups would cool off by swimming.

Thursday night bonfire











This wall was built by us


The night ended with our evening group circle in which everyone was thankful for their experience and the ability to help others. The chaperones were thankful for the opportunity of seeing friendships develop and strengthen throughout the week. The Senior Youth Group Mission trip is truly a special time for the children as well as for the adults.


Tomorrow the group heads out of Orland Maine to a water park in Portsmouth New Hampshire. After spending a couple of hours there, we will be returning to Madison where everyone will be happy to have a warm shower and a comfortable mattress to sleep on.

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