Sunday night – July 29

We made it!  Everyone is safely relaxing in the confines of H.O.M.E.

Our first stop was in Marlboro, Ma where we stopped to eat lunch. Everyone had a choice between Five Guys burgers, Papa Ginos or Panera Bread. Majority of the kids chose Five Guys while most of the adults did not.






Once we got into Maine, the rain started and we were all praying that it would stop when it was time to unload. Fortunately, by the time we stopped for dinner, the skies cleared and we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset in the town of Camden. We were also able to meet up with Ned Berky who came from New Hampshire after visiting some relatives. Our mission trip team is now complete.







Tomorrow morning we meet with the H.O.M.E volunteer that will assign us some work projects…. Stay tuned


  1. Gail Benson says

    Glad to hear you all made it in one piece and the rain stopped by the time you had to unpack! Looking forward to reading about your trip – keep up the posts and pics!!

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