Monday – July 30

Our first day of work is complete. We started off slow as the H.O.M.E workers needed to assess our skill levels and prioritize which projects needed the most attention. In the end, the teams were sent in different directions and lots of work was accomplished by all.

Mr. Meier’s group (Ned, Carter, Lauren, Caroline and Izzie) worked on a house that needed its shingles repaired, insulation underneath the house and cinder blocks neatly stacked onto a trailer.









H.O.M.E’s primary source of heating is through use of firewood so Mrs. Kane’s group (Taylor, Brandon, Kat, Devin and Gracie) worked on a firewood pile. The group worked as a team to split the wood and then restack the pile in preparation for winter.

A new house being built from the ground up brought much excitement to Mr. Chin’s group (Chris, Nick, Janie, Erin and Milan) as they were able to swing hammers and on occasion hit the nail. The walls on the second floor needed to be framed out and then cover with plywood, so there was lots of work to do and all the kids enjoyed the hard labor.

Mrs. Allen’s group (Ryland, Tyler, Kaila, Leah, Emma) had the most important work for the day- cooking dinner for the group. However before they could start that, the group needed to reorganize another shed on the site and then do some painting around the Chapel that is on site. From there, they were off to the food store to get all the supplies for chicken parmesan with pasta and fresh salad….. Delicious!

The night ended with team building exercises by Morgan and group recap of each groups experiences so far.

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