Congratulations to our Confirmands!

Participating in a church’s Confirmation Program is an amazing way to explore one’s faith and to expand a personal understanding of a church’s beliefs and practices. It is understood and communicated regularly that we are all on a spiritual and faith journey; a journey where we each reflect and expand our beliefs and understandings of our higher power on a continual basis for all of our lives. Being part of a Confirmation Program allows for our youth to take their spiritual journey beyond the lessons they learned in Children’s Church.
We are thrilled to be inviting eligible youth to participate in our Confirmation Program this coming year. While traditionally our participants are primarily in 8th grade, with our sporadic offerings of this program the last few years we are expanding this pool of participants into 9th and 10th grade so as to include those youth who have wanted to participate in the past, but didn’t for various reasons.
As we work with our Interim Pastor in offering this program to you, we are looking to have established our pool of Confirmation participants. We anticipate this program beginning in October and running through the year until Confirmation Sunday which is in May 2019.
In order to offer this program to our youth we need a commitment from a minimum of 6 youth. So please email your “yes” or “not at this time” to by September 15th so that appropriate plans may be made.