Skills & Interests Survey Spring 2016

Living into our Purpose Statement means we all need to  be willing to  invest our time and talents in support of NMCC.

The Survey:  We have created a survey designed to collect the skills and interests you are willing to share.  We plan to use that information  to invite you to consider joining a board or committee that matches what you provide.

Why now?  As boards and committees terms  end for some on June 30th, we have opportunities to identify replacements in March and April.  At our annual meeting in May, we vote in the new members of the boards and committees who will begin serving in on July 1.

Can’t commit to a term?  Since there are many other opportunities in which you can serve, we will also be able to recommend a good fit for your skills or  interests with the time you can commit.

Get involved:  Please take a look at the attached tri-fold to make your selections by:

  • printing it (it’s 2-sided) Skills-Interests-Survey 3-18-16 and mailing or bringing it to the office or put it in the offering plate on Sunday
  • reviewing the selections electronically and sending an email to the office with your selections
  • attend worship this Sunday and we’ll have copies in the bulletin