Skills & Interests Survey Spring 2018

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In preparation for the May 20 Annual Meeting when we vote on a proposed slate of Boards and Committee members for the following year (beginning July 1), the Executive Committee agreed in its March meeting to continue our recent practice in which we invite current board and committee members to extend their roles until we have clearer picture of how we want to restructure.   To fill in openings we also need to identify people who are interested in trying out something new.

Board and Committee Chairs were asked to survey current board and committee members to see who’s willing to continue on in their current roles and adding members they have already recruited.     Next, we have identified a small team of people who have offered to help those boards and committee chairs match up opportunities with your skills and interests.   The first step in that plan is to ask you to fill out a new skills and interest survey.

 Survey:  This survey is designed to collect the skills and interests you are willing to share so we can recommend a board, committee or project team that matches what you’d like to do, commencing July 1.  You can open it here to print:  Skills-Interests-Survey

Timing:  As board and committee terms end for most on June 30, we need to finalize the members who will begin serving on July 1 with the hope you will serve for a year or until we restructure if before that.   We will vote on the new line-up at our annual meeting on May 20.

Restructuring Process:  The Governance Team, tasked with leading our efforts to restructure the governance of NMCC, shared with the EC at the March meeting that before proposing restructuring recommendations, we need more information.  The team plans to hold a few workshops on key topics to discuss with you how we might better be organized to help us live into our Purpose Statement.  The first of these workshops is planned for April 29 after worship.

Please return the survey by April 22.  You can put it in the offering plate on Sunday, mail or drop it off at the office, or send an email to Roberta Hanlon with your choices and she will fill it out for you.

Any questions? Contact Tom Lauher ( or Roberta Hanlon (