Clemmons’ House Fire

Following a serious house fire on March 8th at the Clemmons home, the Madison and the Shoreline community has quickly responded to help this family, who has given so much to so many, begin the recovery process.   Thanks to the First Congregation Church, Madison, Ann, Bill and Melinda Clemmons have settled into an unoccupied parsonage offered by the First Congregational Church, Madison.  In addition to some furniture already in the house, donations of tables, desks, chairs, dressers, rugs and lamps from their North Madison Congregational Church family have transformed this house into a cozy refuge while their damaged home is being rebuilt.  Countless other community members have visited the GoFundMe page set up to costs of that recovery.


A Message of Gratitude from the Clemmons

“We want to express our deep gratitude for the many kindnesses you have shown us in the past few weeks.  Before we were even able to realize what had happened, you were already helping in many ways.  Your donation of living accommodations, furniture and supplies for our new home, offers of help and money, and constant contact to make sure we were OK…all of these reassured us that we would get through this.  We have been overwhelmed with your generosity and want you all to know how much we appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Bill, Ann, and Melinda Clemmons”

How You can Help:

Other help is needed as it’s unclear what will be covered by insurance and the damage is significant.  There are two methods you can use to donate cash to the Clemmons:

  • Make out a check to NMCC with the Memo: “Clemmons Fund” and we will consolidate and write a check to the Clemmons. Mailing address is 1271 Durham Road, Madison, CT 06443
  • Donate via this GoFundMe page