Healing Retreat

We are all in need of healing from events in our lives.  If you have been looking for inspired ways to approach healing and opportunities for spiritual healing companions, we have a great offering for you!

This year we are building on the excitement generated from last Lenten season’s Healing series facilitated by Rev. Sarah Vetter.  In those sessions we used the teachings of Rev. Tilda Norberg from her book “Stretch Out your Hand.”

This year, you can meet Rev. Tilda Norberg as she leads an event hosted by both the First Congregational Church of Madison and our North Madison Congregational Church.  It is a one-day session offered on Saturday, March 2, 2019 at Mercy Center, 9am to 4pm. Thanks to the generosity of the First Church, the cost has been subsidized and reduced.  Do not let cost be a prohibitive factor, if you need assistance, ask.  We have scholarship money that can be made available. Cost: $40 per person, check payable to First Congregational Church, lunch is included.

Because the Holy Spirit is continually at work in each of us, pushing us toward wholeness… You are invited to a Healing Retreat, Saturday March 2, 9:00 – 4:00  at the Mercy Center.  Led by Rev. Tilda Norberg.

Tilda has written 6 books on Christian Healing, led numerous spiritual growth retreats, training retreats, and maintains a private practice in Gestalt Pastoral Care.  Attendance is limited.  Register soon with Sandy Dickson 203-376-7075, sandylynndickson@gmail.com.