Book Club

The Missions Committee Book club is on a roll. We have a brand new book to read and discuss! For those of you who know Anne Lamott you will not be disappointed. If you don’t know her, you will be in for a treat. We will be reading her newest book: Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy. “Mercy is radical kindness,” Lamott writes in this enthralling and heartening book. It’s the permission you give others—and yourself—to forgive a debt, to absolve the unabsolvable, to let go of the judgment and pain that make life so difficult. In Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy Lamott ventures to explore where to find meaning in life. We should begin, she suggests, by “facing a great big mess, especially the great big mess of ourselves.” It’s up to each of us to recognize the presence and importance of mercy everywhere—”within us and outside us, all around us”—and to use it to forge a deeper understanding of ourselves and more honest connections with each other. While that can be difficult to do, Lamott argues that it’s crucial, as “kindness towards others, beginning with myself, buys us a shot at a warm and generous heart, the greatest prize of all.” Full of Lamott’s trademark honesty, humor and forthrightness, Hallelujah Anyway is profound and caring, funny and wise—a hopeful book of hands-on spirituality.
Please join us on Tuesday, August 22, at 7pm in Fellowship Hall.