Adult Enrichment

We encourage our members and friends to use their gifts and interests to develop both spiritual and non-spiritual events, offering our congregation learning and fellowship opportunities.   In addition to Bible studies, special Advent and Lenten series, speakers from the local Missions we support and pot luck suppers featuring generosity moments and stories, we have also enjoyed an eagle watch, a wildflower hike, discussions on monarch butterflies and pollinators, a discussion exploring “Ways to Pray”, an ongoing program offering weekly Yoga and a book club.

Check out the upcoming opportunities:

Yale Literature and Spirituality Series is presenting a talk by Nadia Bolz-Weber, author of “Accidental Saints Finding God in All the Wrong People”. The NMCC Book Club read this book in the fall. Publishers Weekly’s review stated, “compulsively readable… [Bolz-Weber’s] love of God and for humankind shines through on every page”. NPR stated “unflinchingly honest [and funny].”

Nadia Bolz-Weber’s talk will take place on February 1, Thursday, at 5:30 pm, at Battell Chapel, Yale University. The Book Club and Adult Enrichment will organize a car pool to this event. If people are interested in gathering after the talk, we will try to organize an after-event opportunity to meet and possibly eat, if there is interest.

Please email Karen Miller at to RSVP. Please include your name, phone number, if you want to car pool and if you want to meet after the talk.

Our Yoga Series is in its fourth year is held Mondays at 6:30 pm and Thursdays at 6:15 pm throughout the year.  We all could use a little time to center ourselves, relax, and do something beneficial for our body and our spirit.

Book ClubThis new club is designed to explore the rich diversity of thought among different cultures and people across the country and around the world.

Some Pictures from our Wildflower Hike in May of 2015