FIK Schedule

Fire In The Kitchen Concerts Schedule

All shows are on a Saturday and all at 7:00P.M

Ashley’s ice cream included — adults $25, kids high school and under, $5.00 (unless otherwise noted)
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 APRIL 8, 2017

*** SOLD OUT ***

This is like yelling “Godzilla is coming” but being really happy about it.
Last season was a packed sardine like sold out mess. I loved it.
This is a legal performance-enhancing drug.
People were emailing me after last year’s show saying it was
so fantastic they were actually crying. Plus, these guys are just plain fun.
Season ender, here, and on a big-time party note. See ya here.


Yup, already hard at work, but you’ll be seeing the likes of Jeremy Kittel, Molly Tuttle, Jayme Stone, Nordic Fiddler’s Bloc, Darol Anger and Mike Marshall (assuming we can finally get the cats to be herded), Seamus Egan (of Solas) and his new band, and far more. Woo Hoo.